Strengthening Humanitarian Action through Dialogue and Learning.

The Humanitarian Response Network of Canada is a vibrant community of practice made up of 37+ Canadian humanitarian organizations.

The HRN is recruiting a new coordinator

CCIC is recruiting an HRN Coordinator who, under supervision of the Director of research, policy and practice, and in close coordination with the HRN Executive Committee, will facilitate and support all activities of the HRN, coordinating the programmatic, logistical, and financial needs of the HRN. The Coordinator will be dedicated to ensuring consistent, neutral, and accessible coordination of the HRN in the interest and for the benefit of the network’s broad membership.

Training: Liability, Duty of Care and Senior Leader Responsibilities

This three hour session will give senior-most decision makers (CEOs, Directors) a strong orientation to legal Duty of Care within the international humanitarian sector. It will highlight the role that these individuals hold on behalf of their organizations for meeting this requirement; it will highlight some of the complexities of ensuring staff duty of care in humanitarian settings (including COVID 19 contexts at HQ and field levels) ; and it will present a duty of care model which participants may adapt to their own organizations to strengthen their duty of care for their staff.

This session will be jointly facilitated by Melanie Murphy, CARE Canada’s Safety and Security Lead, and Paul Willetts, a founding partner of Vey Willetts LLP based in Ottawa. Questions will be encouraged.

*please note that simultaneous interpretation will be available.